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2015-2016 Yearbooks Delivered!

Front Cover MockAgain this year, Abbot Village Press has been selected to publish the P.C.E.S. Yearbook. New this year, the students have played an even greater role in the design and development with the assistance and guidance of Mrs. Daniels, art teacher.

Yearbooks have been delivered and students are busy soliciting autographs while enjoying the memories. Note that yearbooks must be purchased through the school–they are not available from Abbot Village Press. Contact the school office for additional information.


Abbot Village Press to Publish Yearbook

Yes… Abbot Village Press will be publishing the P.C.E.S. Yearbook for the year 2014-2015. While we are not in the yearbook business, we’re happy to use our resources and capabilities to help make a yearbook possible this year at an affordable price. A few important details:

Orders must be placed through the school, not with Abbot Village Press. Order forms will be available beginning April 10 with orders due May 1.

This year’s book is truly a school project! Students and staff members are working hard on the content and layout. There will be lots of candid photos and plenty of space for autographs and memories.

Our targeted delivery date is June 1. There are lots of things to do, but we’re all having fun!


More Good Things Coming! Balloons and Books at River Festival

BalloonsAre you old enough to dance?” is just one of the many questions “Mr. Boomsma” has been asked by the children he works with as a volunteer and substitute elementary school teacher. In his book, Small People—Big Brains, he points out that his original knee jerk reaction was the child had asked it wrong and really meant “Are you too old to dance?” But whether this is just an example of the literal thinking of a child or one of the many insightfully innocent statements kids make, it becomes another one of the stories about simplicity, exploration and wonder contained in the book.

Boomsma explains that the book formed when he realized after years of telling stories about his experiences with kids—sometimes hysterically funny stories, sometimes extremely insightful stories, and sometimes tragic—he’d already “written” most of it—all that was left to do was compile and publish it. Completed just over one year ago, he’s already hinting there may be a volume two as the stories keep coming and the kids still seem to have a lot more to teach him. He especially likes it when the kids ask “Mr. Boomsma, what would happen if…?” and wishes more adults would recapture some of that exploration and wonder because “thinking with kids about that question can lead to some amazing discoveries.”

Jack Falvey,  a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s says of the book, “This is a light and fast read until it isn’t, and then you stop and read a sentence or a thought a couple of times… If you have ever been in a classroom, on either side of the teacher’s desk, you will enjoy these classic and classy observations on the art and science of learning.”

Boomsma’s work with Valley Grange and children will be featured in a soon to be released issue of Maine Seniors Magazine where he will be identified as a one of the magazine’s “Prime Movers – seniors and organizations who have truly become icons in their communities.” “I have figured out a lot of things about working with kids,” he jokes, “but I don’t have a clue how to be a community icon. I wonder if it involves dancing.”

“Mr. Boomsma” will be at the Guilford River Festival on Saturday, July 26 with some of his Valley Grange friends and the Bookworms who volunteer to listen to the kids read at Piscataquis Community Elementary School. There will be balloons for kids and funny stories about kids for adults. Signed copies of Small People – Big Brains will be available for purchase. And maybe even some dancing!

Good things coming…

Cranking WheelDuring the week of July 14 through July 18, we’ll be cranking out some revisions and updates to both books. Small People–Big Brains will be getting a couple of minor revisions and a new author photograph. The Maine Real Estate License Law and Rule Handbook is being updated to reflect recent law changes–and getting a new cover in the process! While these updates are happening, customers ordering through Amazon and their subsidiaries may receive a “temporarily out of stock” notice. Barring something unexpected, this should not last more than a few days at most… sorry for any inconvenience! If you have any questions, please let us know!

Three Small People

Sabrina Hamele, Maddie Taylor, Anna Fagan

Sabrina Hamele, Maddie Taylor, Anna Fagan

Meet three small people with really big brains, a creative ability, and some genuine drawing talent. There are, of course, lots more at P.C.E.S. and the judges had a tough time selecting three winners from ads drawn by fifth graders for the book “Small People — Big Brains.” Each of the three winners received an autographed copy of the book along with their certificate of advertising excellence. Sabrina’s first place ad will appear in the 2013-2014 PCES Yearbook. (By the way, there was a lot going on at school the day the winners were announced–including a celebration of “Crazy Hat Day” which might explain Sabrina’s headgear!) Thanks to all the fifth graders who participated!


Congratulations, Sabrina!

Advertisment created by Sabrina Hamele

Advertisment created by Sabrina Hamele

Abbot Village Press is a proud participant in the sixth annual Newspapers In Education contest held at Piscataquis Community Elementary School. With the welcome support and encouragement of PCES Art Teacher Mrs. Daniels, fifth graders were challenged to create an advertisement for “Small People — Big Brains.” An independent panel of judges selected three ads as winners. The first place ad (featured here) was drawn by Sabrina Hamele and will be featured in the PCES 2013 – 2014 Yearbook.

Get Some Facts!

computer booksWell, that is if you consider survey results facts… a safer term might be information. A recent Pew Research Report suggests that “e-reading” is on the rise. I’ll confess I was a bit surprised to learn that 50% of Americans have a dedicated electronic device for reading (a tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc.). That seemed high. Also,”Overall, 76% of adults read a book in some format over the previous 12 months. The typical American adult read or listened to 5 books in the past year, and the average for all adults was 12 books.” What might be sad is that number hasn’t changed significantly over the past several years. One could hope that the electronic aspect would be increasing adult reading.


Real Estate Law and Rule Handbook Released

BookCoverImageAbbot, ME – The recently formed company Abbot Village Press has released a handbook of Maine Real Estate Law and Rules designed as a reference and study aid for students taking licensing courses and practicing licensees. The handbook reprints most applicable statues and rules with the added feature of an extensive table of contents that facilitates locating information.

Walter Boomsma, an instructor for the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate, edited and produced the book with the goal of making it “student friendly.” He explains, “The book includes a detailed table of contents that will allow students to locate information quickly. We are also using the capabilities of print-on-demand publishing to produce an actual paperback book. This means no more photocopying and stapling to make a copy that quickly falls apart and gets shabby. This is a book that is easily carried and readily referenced.”

The exact text of all statues and rules has been included with the intent of creating an educational tool more than a legal reference book. Included are MRS Title 32, Chapter 114—the Real Estate Brokerage License Act and the rules adopted by the Maine Real Estate Commission. Additionally, MRS Title 5, Chapter 341 and MRS Title 10, Chapter 901 are included as reference to laws pertaining to all professional licensing in Maine.

The handbook has application to all three licensing courses currently offered in Maine: Sales Agent, Associate Broker, and Designated Broker as well as many continuing education programs. In addition, real estate licensees and companies will find the handbook a handy guide to their daily practice of real estate brokerage in Maine.

Boomsma has been teaching real estate courses for over a decade and is a member of the Real Estate Educators’ Association. He is a licensed broker with Mallett Real Estate in Dover Foxcroft. He writes a blog of “brain leaks and musings” and last year wrote and published “Small People – Big Brains: Stories About Simplicity, Exploration and Wonder.”

The Maine Real Estate Law and Rule Handbook will be distributed through Abbot Village Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. For more information, please visit or contact Boomsma at 207 343-1842.

Law/Rule Book at Proofing Stage

stick_figure_holding_book_above_his_headReal Estate Students and designated brokers will be pleased to hear that our “Maine Real Estate Law and Rules Handbook” is in the proofing stage. That means it should be available in time for spring licensing courses.

In addition to being professionally bound, the handbook is cleanly formatted and has an extensive table of contents to facilitate finding topics quickly. Watch for the official release before the end of January!

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