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I’ve been hesitant to start this page for fear of missing someone or a title! But using the idea that “half a loaf is better than none,” I’ve started the list, approximately in order of publication. When shopping on Amazon, I find searching by author’s name is quickest

Tony Russo has the distinction of being my high school English teacher and friend. (He’s actually featured in Small People–Big Brains.) That The Puppetmaster has a subtitle of “A Joe Crane Mystery” might suggest there are more to come. Tony’s book is available from Amazon. In October 2016, Tony released his second book, Nightshade, a Joe Crane Mystery. Sandy Kessler, an accomplished sailor, drowns while sailing on Lake Erie. The police rule it accidental, but her father, a former presidential advisor believes her death was suspicious based on a call he received from her before she set sail. He calls on his friend the president for help. In this second Joe Crane adventure, Crane finds himself up against his most formidable adversary yet: Larry Knight, a respected physician, an Ophthalmologist, at the same time leader of a large drug smuggling and distribution operation in Cleveland, and a cold-blooded killer. Crane, with the help of his friend and ally, Leprechaun, needs all of his skills and experience to fight an enemy who almost succeeds twice in killing him. Tension mounts as Crane finds that Knight is somehow ahead of him at every encounter. Their final battle could mean the end for Joe Crane.

Marilyn Lugner is working on a series that began as Farley Bend–Small Town Maine at Its Most Imaginary. An interesting feature of Marilyn’s work is her website ( where you can learn more about the book and the actual places and other details of the book which is available on Amazon.

Tim Caverly was supervisor of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway for eighteen years and his books are largely based on his experiences. It all started with Allagash Tails. Tim offers a multimedia presentation to elementary schools and other organizations regarding those experiences and his work as a writer.You can find his work on Amazon and his website:

Jack Falvey is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. Since he’s prolific, it’s challenging to list his work. His most recent book is a compendium of articles, Freelance to WSJ and Barron’s. You can find his work on Amazon and on his website:



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