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  1. Hi Walter,
    We met at one of your recent classes and I’ve got a question for you, but first some background.

    I’m writing a manual in Word/Publisher and I’m looking for a “Template” to use.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    1. Hi, Charlie… Word does offer a number of templates–but these will only really work if you are going to print your manual on your own printer. Alternatively, you could take the file to a copy center (like Staples) where they will print and bind a photocopied document. I would still start with a visit to the printer, though, as different bindings require different layouts.

      If you’re going to self-publish and print in actual book-form, I’d suggest turning to your publisher/printer for a template. You may recall from class Abbot Village Press uses CreateSpace–they offer templates for many of the standard size books. Depending on how you see the manual being used, you might consider a larger format or more of a “pocket size.”

      It is, of course, possible to write the manual then copy and paste into a template, but as I recall your manual is going to be heavily illustrated. I suspect you’ll find it easier to work directly in a template.

      Good luck with the project!

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