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Publishing Resources

No matter what you’re publishing–a blog, book or something else–here are some resources for you.

Bar Codes and Identifiers

If you need an image of a bar code for your ISBN number (and price) you can achieve that for free at

Image Editing

You’ll have way too much fun at, a fairly user-friendly site that allows you to manipulate photos at three levels. Amazingly, you can use it without even registering… or register and still use the free version. You’ll quickly discover a number of enhancements and added features if you “upgrade” to the paid version.

Need to convert pixel size to inches? Try

While not exactly an image editing program, is a cool little site that allows you to very quickly create images for social media sites.

Stock Photos and Images

I’ve been using Presenter Media for several years now and they continue to impress me with new images and technologies. The annual licensing fee is very affordable and the licensing rights are generous. (Note that I do receive a small affiliate fee if you subscribe using this link. I can assure you I won’t be retiring on it.)

My second go-to site is because it focuses on actual photographs and includes an easy search routine. I’m still amazed at how free and extensive the licensing agreement.

FreePik is fast on the way to becoming a favorite mostly because it’s extremely easy to use and search. When you do a search, you’ll find a row of “paid” images at the top–effectively advertising–but the majority of the results will be free for both personal and commercial use. (Commercial use often requires attribution, but FreePik makes that easy as well.

If starting big appeals to you, a Creative Commons Search may be the way to go. Note the disclaimer; the results you find may not carry the Creative Commons License.

Unsplash is cool because it’s wide open under Creative Commons Licensing. No fees, no limitations. The challenge is no real search ability other than paging through the archives.

PicJumbo is very user-friendly with some great photos, but is a bit of a “teaser” site, offering an affordable subscription to access all photos.

PublicDomainArchive offers quite an assortment of photos that are in the public domain, including some “vintage” style photographs.

Most of these sites (and many more) are offered in this WordPress Tutorial. Given the number of sources, you could spend a lot of time looking for a place to look!

And here is another list… I’ve not “vetted” the sites on it:

Font Fanatics

You’ll love Font Squirrel… tons of free fonts, very searchable.

WordPress Resources

If you have a WordPress blog and find yourself having issues check out this user-friendly article explaining how to determine what might be wrong.

Need some help with HTML and other coding? You’ll find a handy-dandy guide and some cheat sheets at Unless you’re coding constantly, you’ll forget… and with a site like this there’s no need to remember anyway!



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